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Shifting the standard to support gendered research that studies the unique needs of women in all life stages.

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Improving the health of women begins with research.

The WHRI is the only dedicated provincial women’s research centre in Canada. Why? Because the male body has historically been used as the baseline for all health research. Even today, women are still not equitably included in clinical trials. This inequity shows up every day in the care women receive.

The WHRI is found right here at BC Women’s, but it’s so much more than a research institute embedded in a hospital. It has over 250 members from across BC who are dedicated to creating new knowledge and evidence for women, girls, and newborns. Your donation will fund breakthrough research that transforms women’s health across BC, and beyond.


We have the tools to eliminate cervical cancer in our lifetime. It’s time to put them to use.

From the HPV vaccine that prevents the infection that leads to cervical cancer, to Pap tests and HPV tests that can detect the early stages of the disease – we have what it takes to completely eliminate this deadly cancer.

Dr. Gina Ogilvie has dedicated her career to eliminating cervical cancer, and her work has had tangible impact on a global scale. Plus, the implications of her research stretch far beyond those directly affected by it. Your contribution will impact the future of vaccines, the future of cancer research, and women’s health globally.

“We have the convergence of skills, expertise and frankly, the passion to move forward and be the global catalyst to eradicate cervical cancer.” Dr. Gina Ogilvie


Information is power. Genetic testing provides families with the knowledge to make informed decisions. And BC Women’s offers support to get effective treatment.

The reach of the Provincial Medical Genetics Program extends far beyond the BC Women’s campus. It provides genetic care, education and counselling to women, newborns, children, and families across BC and the Yukon.

Recent breakthroughs now allow specialists to identify hundreds of serious conditions that were previously undiagnosed diseases. This area of work has evolved at a remarkable pace. But it is up to us to continue to invest in the research. Your contribution will help us shape the future of medicine.