Ensuring the BC Women’s Hospital’s healthcare teams, women, and their communities have the resources and support they need.

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The health, safety, and well-being of our employees, donors, partners, and the patients who are seeking care at BC Women’s Hospital are our Foundation’s top priorities. Please take care and adhere to the advice of the following health experts:

COVID-19 testing is not recommended for those who have mild respiratory symptoms. Start with the BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool. If symptoms worsen, call 811.


The health of our community is important to us. Our staff will be forgoing in-person meetings and working virtually, with the intention to carry on with business as usual as best as we can. Thank you for your steadfast support and patience while everyone navigates this challenging time. Read our COVID-19 update from our President + CEO, Genesa M. Greening on March 13.


The BC Women’s Health Foundation has established three COVID-19 Response Funds to respond quickly and effectively to the emerging needs of BC Women’s staff, women and their communities during this time.

Your donation will support:

  1. Women + Families
  2. Hospital + Staff
  3. In-Kind Items


Supporting New + Expecting Mothers
Our Goal: $150,000

There is an urgent and growing need to support new and expecting mothers whose financial challenges, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis, can disrupt their ability to access the medical care they need.

Many of the women supported are experiencing high-risk medical challenges during pregnancy and must leave their home communities to attend appointments at BC Women’s Hospital. Their relocation to the city can last days or even weeks – and now the usual low-cost accommodation options have been severely curtailed.

Your donations will cover the cost of local accommodation, transportation, and meals. The impacts are profound for the mental health of the women, and the physical health of both the women and their expected babies.

Supporting NICU Families
Our Goal: $80,000

Families can struggle to make ends meet financially when their critically ill baby is being cared for in BC Women’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Due to COVID-19, many families are required to stay in isolation in their private NICU rooms. This means they are restricted from leaving to get food, and from using the communal family lounges that typically offer a place of rest, a small kitchen, and a playroom for siblings. 

Your support will offer NICU families regular meal delivery and other resources to get them through this challenging period. Some families live in the NICU for many months at a time. Your donations provide immense relief to parents, allowing them to be fully present to support the care of their babies.

Supporting Indigenous Women + Families
Our Goal: $25,000

The wisdom of Elders is essential during this unprecedented time.

Support new virtual counselling sessions where Elders provide emotional and cultural guidance to Indigenous families receiving care at BC Women’s Hospital.

Your donations will also fund the traditional medicines needed for cultural healing ceremonies, as well as direct aid to families in the form of gift cards for emergency food and clothing.


Supporting BC Women’s Hospital + Staff
Our Goal: $50,000

  • Emergency Medical Equipment – to assist and protect hospital staff as healthcare emergencies continue to rise.
  • Safe Wellness Activities – such as meditation and massage, to support staff’s health and wellness.
  • Gift Cards – for staff’s groceries, coffee, and restaurant take-out, so they have one less thing to worry about as they provide urgent care.
  • Healthy Refreshments – to have readily available for all hospital staff, so they can stay hydrated and nourished throughout their long days.

For more information on our COVID-19 Response Funds, please contact Carleen Pauliuk, Senior Director of Principal Giving at 604.875.2270 or


BC Women’s Hospital’s Non-Monetary Donations Program is seeking:

  • Food Items – packaged food and sealed beverages
  • Art Kits – new art supplies for patient families and kids
  • Toiletriesbasic toiletries to support patient families and hospital staff who are at the hospital for prolonged periods of time

Whether you are a small business or a larger corporation, we are here to help facilitate your contribution.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) + Medical Supply Donations

There is an imminent need for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Medical Supply donations to support hospitals across the province. If you or your company can contribute, please contact Safe Care BC at or 1-877-955-6565. 

Through Operation Protect, Safe Care BC will ensure supplies make it to the facilities with the most urgent needs across our province. We’re all in this together.

By clicking “Donate In-Kind Items” above you will be directed to Aimee Nygaard, Principal Giving Officer at Alternatively, you can call 604.441.9775.

Please do not bring items directly to BC Women’s Hospital. The hospital is limiting the number of non-essential people on site to adhere to social distancing efforts.


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